Doug Fell For A Unicorn

The Adventures of the Unicorn and Cheetah is about the companionship between the unicorn and cheetah. Most unicorns depend on their horns to fly and they don’t have wings. The unicorn highlighted in the story is white in shading and it has wings. The story happens several years prior when unicorns can be found in the woods and knolls.

A huge group of unicorns embarks to a green glade where they can nibble some grass in harmony. The knoll is arranged adjacent to a wilderness that is a home to numerous kinds of creatures. In the wake of touching for some time, a crowd of elephants abruptly surge towards them in a charge. Frenzy and frightened, the unicorns take off, deserting a little unicorn who isn’t so as to make it to leave with the crowd.

The cheetah who lives in the close-by wilderness happens to saw the little unicorn that is going to be squashed by the elephants. He keeps running as quick as he can to get the little unicorn far from the way that the elephant charge is going. Luckily, the cheetah figures out how to pulls the unicorn away and he conveys him back to his lair. Two white cockatoos help to swathe the injuries on the unicorn’s wings and legs. After some time, the unicorn turns out to be completely recuperated and the cockatoos show him how to fly.

A long time passed and now it has developed into a wonderful unicorn. At some point, it sees a chariot that has a place with the ruler and diverts it back to the cheetah. He advises the cheetah that he needs to return back to his own sorts and he needs to set out on the voyage at the earliest opportunity. The cheetah couldn’t stand to leave him so he jumps onto the chariot and on they set out for the long adventure.

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